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Frequently asked question

What is your delivery time?

We know that part of the clientele buys our traps in an emergency to counter hornet attack in healing. This is why we have tried to have the shortest possible delivery time (1 week maximum). Our team makes every effort to prepare it as soon as possible. You receive an email on the day of dispatch.

Why don’t you sell the roof?

Unfortunately, the roof having to pass on all sides of the trap of 15 cm, its dimension is much too big to be accepted by Colissimo.

You can find all the information on the roof in the Trap tab.

No more bait to sell ?

Our bait stock depends on the amount of honey and wax supplied by the Pontic honey industry. This stock is limited and it is often not sufficient to meet orders from one year to the next.

However, don’t panic, on the Trap page, you will find all the information to replace the bait.

What is the difference between Polypropylene and Polycarbonate?

Polypropylene is a more flexible plastic than polycarbonate, which makes it easier to assemble. Its estimated lifespan is 5 years.

Polycarbonate is stronger and more resistant to UV, which increases its lifespan (up to 10 years)

Point of sale?

Not being entitled to receive from the public, our workshop is not a point of sale. However, you can contact us to find out if we are coming to a salon near your location.


Why is the bottle trap interfering with the capture trays?

We do not recommend the use of other traps close to the Jabeprode capture bins as they could cause olfactory competition with our traps and reduce their effectiveness.

In addition, non-selective traps capture other insects, which are not targeted and are already in danger of extinction (80% of European insect species have disappeared in 30 years).

How to order?

To order one of our devices, nothing is simpler, you can simply order online on our website by clicking here.

All the information about our method is indicated in the Trap tab.

Another alternative is available to you if you do not want to order by internet: Send us an email from the contact tab with the list of desired items as well as your information (name, mail, telephone and delivery/billing address). We will send you a quote and you can pay by bank transfer or check.

group orders

For orders larger than 6 Capture trays (XL or standard) or 150 selective access modules, please send us a request for a quote at contact@jabeprode.fr with all the necessary information.

We do not have the ability to set default port charges for these quantities.

Shipping will be by pallet rather than individual cartons.

XL or standard capture tray ?

We recommend using an XL capture tray to protect an orchard, apiary or vineyard. Its larger size allows a better diffusion of the scents and increase its attractiveness.

For a garden, compost or balcony, the standard-sized capture tray is ideal.

Trap didn't work ?

You don’t catch Asian hornets and yet you see them around the trap? See Setting the Trap to find out how it works and which bait to use depending on the season.

Everything depends on the attractiveness, be generous in baits so that the smells spread away. Turn our trap slightly or move it so that it is in a wind corridor.

Leave the dead hornets in the trap! Even dead, they continue to emit pheromones that will attract their congeners (in addition to repelling other insects)

If you think you have done everything well and that despite that you do not notice any catches, do not hesitate to contact us so that we analyze together the causes.